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Ogre ft. David Rock | S7 E6

February 8, 2022

It's our last episode of season 7, and what an episode to finish on! We welcome guest David Rock, AKA granitepenguin, to a conversation between Matt, Tomas and Jess about his journey with Steve Jackson Games' Ogre. David details how he started as a dear fan of the TTRPG and our digital adaptation for PC, and tells us of his experience as being a Line Editor at Steve Jackson Games. Tomas and David talk deep-strategy, and Jess and Matt remark on how incredible a journey it is to be a community member who ends up working on the very game you love.

Show Notes

Did Ogre pique your interest? You can purchase it on Steam now

Be sure to look through Steve Jackson Games' expansive games catalogue too, for anything else you may be interested in playing!

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